Authority® Elite Herbicide

Controls more broadleaf weeds and grasses, and provides extended residual activity

Authority® Elite preemergence herbicide earned its name by coming out on top in trials, scoring big in the number of broadleaf weeds and grasses it controls, and outlasting other preemergence herbicides in length of residual activity (45-60 days). This hard-hitting PRE is an elite performer with two modes of action for superior control of tough and resistant weeds including waterhemp and Amaranthus species.

  • Broad-spectrum grass and broadleaf weed control in soybeans
  • Apply as fall treatment, preplant, preplant incorporated or preemergence up to three days after planting
  • Apply 30 days preplant up to three days after planting for in-season weed control
  • Provides more flexibility in follow-up glyphosate application due to its extended residual activity
  • 45-60 days residual activity
  • Two modes of action against tough and resistant weeds including waterhemp and Amaranthus species

Authority® Elite Herbicide Weed Spectrum

Broadleaf Weeds
  • Amaranth, Palmer
  • Amaranth, Spiny
  • Amaranth, Spleen
  • Copperleaf, Hophornbeam
  • Florida Pusley
  • Galinsoga, Hairy
  • Ground Cherry, Cutleaf
  • Kochia (Triazine Resistant)
  • Lambsquarters, Common
  • Morningglory, Ivyleaf
  • Morningglory, Palm Leaf (Willow Leaf)
  • Morningglory, Pitted
  • Morningglory, Purple Moonflower
  • Morningglory, Red
  • Morningglory, Scarlet
  • Morningglory, Smallflower
  • Morningglory, Tall (Common)
  • Nightshade, Black
  • Nightshade, Eastern Black
  • Pigweed, Redroot
  • Pigweed, Smooth
  • Pigweed, Spiny
  • Prickly Sida
  • Smartweed, Pennsylvania
  • Star of Bethlehem
  • Thistle, Russian
  • Tropical Spiderwort
  • Waterhemp, Common
  • Waterhemp, Tall
Grass Weeds
  • Barnyardgrass
  • Broadleaf Signalgrass
  • Crabgrass
  • Crowfootgrass
  • Cupgrass, Southwestern
  • Fall Panicum
  • Foxtail, Bristly
  • Foxtail, Giant
  • Foxtail, Green
  • Foxtail, Robust
  • Foxtail, Yellow
  • Goosegrass
  • Panicum, Texas
  • Prairie Cupgrass
  • Witchgrass
  • Annual Sedge
  • Nutsedge, Yellow
  • Purple Nutsedge