Get More From Every Acre with Two Rebate Programs

Authority® preemergence herbicides are part of the Roundup Ready PLUS® Crop Management Solution platform and the LinkUp LibertyLink® program for greater returns from your weed management plan.

Roundup Ready Plus® Platform

Earn Up to $7.00 per Acre Incentive

Roundup Ready Plus
  1. Plant Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® soybeans or Roundup Ready® soybeans.
  2. Apply Authority Assist, Authority First, Authority Maxx, Authority MTZ or Authority XL herbicides for residual control of weeds and Roundup PowerMAX® or Roundup WeatherMAX® herbicides as your only glyphosate-containing herbicide.
  3. Earn rebates based on the following qualifying purchase.
Product Match Rate Roundup Powermax
Herbicide incentive
Roundup Weathermax
Herbicide incentive
PowerMax herbicide 32.0 oz/acre
WeatherMax herbicide 32.0 oz/acre
Authority Maxx herbicide 6.4 oz/acre $3.00/acre $3.50/acre
Authority Assist herbicide 8.0 oz/acre $3.00/acre $3.50/acre
Authority First herbicide 5.0 oz/acre $3.00/acre $3.50/acre
Authority MTZ herbicide 14.0 oz/acre $3.00/acre $3.50/acre
Authority XL herbicide 6.4 oz/acre $3.00/acre $3.50/acre