Experience more freedom in the field.

FMC Freedom Pass provides growers exclusive agronomic rewards, performance assurances, application innovations and product financing1. And these valuable incentives aren’t linked to the purchase of any particular brand of seed. 

See your authorized retailer or click here for more program information and to calculate your potential rewards.

In addition, FMC Freedom Pass provides growers who commit to three-year purchase minimums of applicable products the opportunity to qualify to receive a FREE 3RIVE 3D application system. 3RIVE 3D is a revolutionary at-plant delivery platform that helps you farm faster while saving water, fuel, labor and time. Learn more about 3RIVE 3D.

FMC Freedom Pass
Herbicides Herbicides Insecticides Fungicides & Combinations
Aim® EC herbicide Authority® Supreme herbicide Capture® LFR® insecticide Ethos® XB insecticide/fungicide
Anthem® Flex herbicide Authority® XL herbicide Hero® insecticide TemitryTM LFR® insecticide/fungicide
Anthem® Maxx herbicide Cadet® herbicide Mustang® Maxx insecticide Capture® LFR® + VGRTM Soil Amendment
Authority® Assist herbicide Command® 3ME microencapsulated herbicide Capture® 3RIVE 3D® insecticide Topguard® fungicide
Authority® Elite herbicide MarvelTM herbicide Beleaf® 50 SG insecticide PreemptorTM SC fungicide
Authority® First DF herbicide Obey® herbicide Carbine® 50WG insecticide Topguard® EQ fungicide
Authority® MAXX herbicide Spartan® Charge herbcide Topguard® Terra fungicide
Authority® MTZ DF herbicide